Automation solutions

We create turn-key solutions for the highest quality automated assembly, and testing equipment for a wide variety of industries. We take you through conceptual development, design, build, controls development, through installation and final run off. Our solutions include any number of operations including crimping, welding, testing, imprinting and sorting, what ever the job calls for.

Contract Manufacturing

Let us do the manufacturing for you. We will work together on a cost per part that works for you. We will build the tooling and supply high quality parts on-time and on-budget.

Low Run Automation

Do you have a limited parts run that doesn't need a full automated system? We will create just enough tooling to get job done right, run the parts for you, and deliver them on-time and on-budget.

Machine shop services

Everyone needs machine work. You have ongoing needs for repair work, re-tooling, or new fixtures. The best part about using Innovision machine services is that you get the precision craftsmanship that you expect from us, and as a bonus, you get our best design and creative problem-solving talent reviewing the project as well.


Our full-service fabrication department is staffed with seriously talented people. If you can think of it, we can build it. From a sketch on a napkin to a fully scaled drawing, our design and build team can produce it.


Do you have a part idea that you need to test? We can provide 1,10 or 100. We can help you produce functional testing parts, fixtures, jigs, or one-off projects. We can help with your proof of concept.