Flexibility And Integration

Get the most out of the equipment you already have. We will evaluate your existing, or underused equipment, for possible integration into your new system. This is part of our commitment to provide you the most cost effective solutions possible.


Don't duplicate effort. In our years of delivering automation solutions, we've found that many machines share common functions. So we decided to turn these functions into standardized components. This can add up to huge savings in both time and money.

Vision Integration

Seeing in ways we never dreamed of. As vision technology continues to advance, we continue to find new ways to put it to work for you.

Integrated Welding Technologies

Creating the perfect bond. A combination of cutting edge welding technology and our innovative approach to automation yield results way beyond expectations.

Integrated Testing

We create custom in-line, end-line, and stand-alone inspection/test systems. Our goal is the perfect integration of these systems to ensure the highest quality control and efficiency for the production process.


Whether you are automating your testing process or looking to increase productivity in your assembly, we can provide a custom designed solution. We specialize in PC Windows-based Custom Control Systems and PLC's. We can also build custom automation controls for your specific needs.


From shop floor to top floor, we can display all current and stored machine data, with an intuitive graphic interface for quick proactive action, always keeping you a step ahead.

Proper controls engineering can increase profitably while increasing through put and reducing negative PPM with your customers. It can also reduce machine downtime and trouble shooting times.

"Technology must always be relevant, serving only your final goal."